Hello. I'm 25 and a graduated English major. Library Clerk. I like the smell of new books, random facts about random things, children's literature, browsing bookstores, talking for hours about film and film history, rock and roll, 1960s & '20s fashion, Galaga, comic book heroes and villains, ballet, tap dancing, empathetic people, museums, vintage jewelry, silent movies, Technicolor, TCM, The Velvet Underground, Amy Winehouse, The White Stripes, The Hour, New Girl, Wes Anderson and Woody Allen movies, Diet Coke, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, The Hunger Games, and baking things that contain marshmallow. My celeb crushes are John Garfield, Ben Whishaw, and Ezra Koenig. Harold and Maude is my favorite movie. My OTPs are Ron/Hermione, Freddie/Bel, Peeta/Katniss, Ben/Leslie, Branson/Sybil, Nick/Jess, and Han/Leia. Read the Printed Word!
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Worth getting your head caved in for. #drive #ost #vinyl (Taken with instagram)
que bella!


Worth getting your head caved in for. #drive #ost #vinyl (Taken with instagram)

que bella!

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    i would break someone’s hand with a hammer for this
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